About Us

Food For Life

The philosophy at Alps Natural® is to develop pet products made with only the highest quality and natural ingredients because we understand your pet is truly a member of your family. It is our promise to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy through each life stage.

With this mission in mind, our team has sourced and made food using state-of-the-art facilities from countries such as Italy, Iceland and New Zealand that are renowned for their unpolluted pristine nature. We take extreme measures to ensure that each and every one of our products provide the best possible nutrition for your pet. In order to maintain such standards, our formulations are clinically proven by nutritionists globally in manufacturing plants that meet the required product and quality standards.

Alps Natural® is driven by results and the proof is your pet. Good nutrition helps support the things you can see like a healthy coat and crystal clear eyes but even better for the things you can’t, like strong bones. Real nutrition and real quality make for a real happy pet.

Happiness begins from the source. From high-quality protein sources to essential vitamins and minerals, every ingredient comes from a supplier who meets Alps Natural® standards for safety, sanitation and manufacturing.

There are no alternatives to a healthy diet. Your pet needs a 100% complete and balanced nutrition for each life stage to stay healthy. Each of our products delivers those daily nutrients in a single place, so you can feel happy about feeding them Alps Natural® everyday.


Alps Natural Pureness

Alps Natural® dry food are made with 100% all natural ingredients that are carefully selected and produced specially for your dog. It is a complete diet carefully formulated with all the essential nutrients required for an optimal health and vitality. It is the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive skin or food allergies.

Alps Natural Canned Food (Chunks & Pureness)

Alps Natural® wet food is made with 100% all natural quality ingredients such as healthy protein sources and essential vitamins and minerals to help support a happy, healthy life. It is filled with meaty goodness in a savoury gravy that your dog will enjoy to the very last bite. Rest assured that every can of Alps Natural® is complete and balanced for all life stages.


Alps Natural Pure Treats

Alps Natural® treats are made with 100% all natural ingredients that are carefully selected and produced for your dog. We use low-temperature, slow-cooking technique to ensure high-density nutrition in a shelf-stable snack product. They are high in protein and low in fat, offering a healthy diet for your dog, especially those with food allergies.

Nutritional Values